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Hunter J part Three

The man was talking to some guards getting orders. They didn't seem to know him well. Another recruit?
As they shut down the laser for him, he came inside, directly watching into her eyes.
She was absolutely sure to know him, somehow.
Then he began to speak with a very silent but clear hearable voice:
L: 'Hey, is that really you, J? Listen, you’ve got three options.
-Option one: We do what they commanded me to do, which would include you losing your virginity.
- Option two: We pretend to do so, you take my hidden weapons and get us out of here.
- Option three: We pretend to need to go to another place where you would accept it by choice, you dress sexy, I will apply you some cuffs. As soon as we are out the cell, we will shoot our way through.'
J: 'Laura? Really?'
L:' Yes. It's me.'
The wasn't much of a choice:
J:' Option one: NO WAY! Option two: Bad plan, did you think of the lasers? Option three: Don't like the ideas of the cuffs, but as the others won't do, I'll take it.
L:'Fine, hurry!'
As J got dressed, L asked the guards to let them out as soon as the cuffs are applied. The guards liked the idea of J doing it by choice.
It looked like whatever they thought they had done to make Laura one of their cooperatives, gone horribly wrong. Laura shot their way through the guards and recruits while J was dutifully following. As they arrived back at their base, Laura began to look for clothes. - Her clothes. She had a little serious conversation with J before they agreed on just swapping the clothes for the time they were changed.
As J watched Laura undress, he just hated it. .... Hated it!
What next? First, they needed to get Jane some clothes the guards didn't recognize. They needed to be scanned for gps-emitters, change their looks and go undercover before they can go on with their primary plan. ..Getting back what belonged to them and ... of course...vengeance!

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