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Hunter J part Two

From  her  research, Hunter J(ane) got to know more about the weapon. She hacked into Biotechs development cores and downloaded everything she could find. She now knew how that weapon worked but the only way to turn back is find the only prototype of the weapon, created to reverse it. This prototype was located in a special chamber in the security office of Biotech.
No big deal for Hunter J. She always wanted to blow their security operator into nirvana.

Hunter J hating Lauras 'armor'
She looked for clothes, that could protect her, but couldn't find any. All that was left from her old friend Laura was an airy piece of leather with some metal stuff on it. No wonder Laura didn't survive, she thought. She hated it. She absolutely hated it and thought about fighting nude instead... but... err... no.

Looking in the mirror, she felt like a total slut, an evil-fighting-slut. She took her guns and left.
Hunter J preparing for rage
The new recruits (the life expectation from new recruits is about one week) were no big deal. She fought through the entry, the halls, barriers, leaving a vestige of destruction, just to find an 'empty' security office, with no prototype weapon and no special chamber.
Hunter J fighting through, until...
The next thing she felt was a big hurt in her neck. Then she slowly blacked out.
Hunter J realizing that it was a trap
She awoke in a cell next to the security office. She realized, this had been a trap. How could she have been so damn stupid to think that this could work? She just stayed on her bed almost cried about it. That's when she realized, Hunter J was crying. WTF? Female hormones didn't do well.
Hunter J almost crying in cell
After all, the cell was quite comfortable. There even was a shower. She hated it to undress and see her now female body. She missed her old one. Her one and only objective was to get it back.
Hunter J 'not' enjoying shower
No sensitive sensations she experienced could change that. Of course she enjoyed it, but it wasn't far enough to make her even think about staying this way.
Hunter J noticing a hulk in front of the cell lasers
Though no male security guard ever entered her cell and they never tried to torture her. She had an increasingly bad feeling about the situation the longer she had to stay in the cell. Days past. Weeks past, and no one ever came to save her.
She was a virgin and this would not change as long as she lived, she promised to herself.
After three weeks, she saw someone standing in front of the cell lasers, he was a real hulk. She knew she knew him, but where? She couldn't remember having seen this face any time. And what was their intent?
Hunter J wasn't Hunter J if she would let that happen.

Many of you may guess wrong what will happen in part three.
Stay tuned.

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