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Her plan, my luck

One more sexual caption (I try to hold the sexual/non sexual relation on 1:1)
Alternative 2

3 Kommentare:

  1. A good one, nothing to worry my sensibilities here ;-). I am never sure about the wisdom of making images that don't fit on a screen, but it wasn't hard to read. Don't worry about the balance of sexual/non sexual posts, post what you write that works.

  2. Zehr heiss, Viola! Ich habe es ganz gern! -Okay, so, my German ist zehr schlect, tuts mir leid!

    Wonderful work! Actually less trouble than opening multiple pages in a new tab. (I prefer the tab view over the in-page viewer for panels that need to be zoomed).

  3. Problem with the tab viewer is, that my images are faar, faar, faar to large for the tab viewer to display them. It always scales the picture to the maximum of the window-size, not more.-And this is not enough. I may try seperating it into several pictures next time.(Although I like this way, because you hardly see anything on the preview-pic on the blog.)