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From King To Queen - Part Two- Growing Princess [interactive Caption]

This is the second part of my interactive caption "From King to Queen". Again you can choose. Be careful what you choose for. There are a lot of different types of "Queens" a person can become. ...


The red light


Alternative 2

Dear Captioners,
You are inivted to fill the idea of the red light with your own creative stories.
Some of you may think that this is only a crappy copy of "The Great Shift". Well, it isn't.
The red light is meant to be a completely other story base. There is not only the differenc between body-switching and body-transformation. No. Using this theme sould never let you focus on only one transformation. You are invited to let the whole thing influence your caption. The global or areal event actually being part of your caption by influencing the people you mainly focus on.
The rest is up to you. I would be really happy if some of you use it.


Half way 1

Sorry for the bad quality. This has a video source.
The source is called "Who is who".
Alternative 2


Conversion - Chapter Three

Chapter One (9*5;3*4,1*2,5*1) =3,55
Chapter Two (3*5,-) = 5
Chapter Three (2*5,-) = 5

I stole my scheudle three hours and created number three.


Conversion - Chapter Two

Previous: Chapter One

I found this second chapter of the already -old- 'Conversion'-Comic on my Pc.
I didn't even remember doing it.
I hope you like it ;)

Read on here: Chapter Three