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[Animated] From King To Queen -Part Three- Becoming Adult [interactive]

This is the third part of 'From King to Queen'. This time, I also animated some panels.
To watch the animated .gif's, use the following links for the third to eigth image: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
For an absolutely fluently watch, right-click on the links and save-as.. the .gif 's onto your hard drive,
then reopen them with your standart internet-browser.
In the end, there are several sequels introduced again.
The poll for the fourth part is active.


From King To Queen - Part Two- Growing Princess [interactive Caption]

This is the second part of my interactive caption "From King to Queen". Again you can choose. Be careful what you choose for. There are a lot of different types of "Queens" a person can become. ...


From King to Queen - Part One- Fallen King [interactive]

First of all, this is "no" midage stuff! I got some idea I wanted to try. As you can see this is an interactive caption. You decide how the story continues. Read the caption and answer the poll to let your vote directly influcence the story. Of course it takes damn long to create caption stories like that, cause you don't fin the pics so easily. You may need to be patient for the second part.